Piling or Piering

The term piling or piering refers to a way of making foundations in sand or unstable ground. Every third hole is drilled out by hand to the required depth, a steel cage is lowered into the hole, and the hole is pumped with concrete, creating a solid concrete-reinforced column to the required depth.
Our team of hand piling experts in Sydney will then repeat this process two more times, creating a straight wall called contiguous piling that can then be excavated. These piles can be used as foundations or retaining walls to create a space for under-ground car parks, garages, basements, or swimming pools. Most walls have a capping beam formed on top of the piles that adds further strength and offers a level platform for additional construction. We can drill piles in sizes of 300mm, 400 mm, 450 mm, and 600mm in diameter and up to a maximum depth of 12 metres.