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Peters Piles — Deliver Projects on Time

Owned and operated by Keith Peters, Keith, originally from the UK, has been in the construction industry for over 27 years, working as a rigger until he arrived in Australia in 1998. Starting in Australia as a piling hand for Emanon Foundations, he worked his way up the ranks to become a piling supervisor.

He learned how to operate machinery to install sheet piles, screw piles, timber shored walls, bored pile walls, and the skill of hand piling. After 4 years at Emanon, Keith teamed up with John Hinton (owner of Emanon) to set up Peters Piles, focusing only on this.

We have the correct equipment to handle all your piling requirements: a team of 10 strong men for hand piling, a CFA piling rig with a reed concrete pump for grout-injected piling, a Bob Cat E17z excavator to remove spoil and excavate in small spaces, and a Transcrete Alpha P35 trailer mounted concrete pump for hire to all builders for small to medium concrete pours.

As one of the leading piling contractors in Sydney, Keith has worked on thousands of projects, successfully installed many hand piling walls, and continues to do so. Peters Piles is a trusted company that Sydney is built on.

Keith Peters

Image of our contiguous pilling piers
Image of our contiguous pile walls
Image of our timber shoring
Image of our limited head room piling